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Instructions for HashFlare Profit Calculator

If you already know at least something about Cryptocurrency and cloud mining in general, you should be aware of the importance of ROI indication. And HashFlare provides its customers with HashFlare profit calculator. It is a tool to get your profit well-calculated and predicted. Do you want to learn how to use it? Then, this article is exactly what you need.

But first, let’s note what pools HashFlare offers to its customers:

  1. X11
  2. SHA-256
  5. Scrypt

Those mining algorithms work for these four Cryptocurrency types:

  • DASH
  • Bitcoin
  • ZCash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

All contracts are active for a one-year period.

Why Calculate HashFlare ROI?

HashFlare ROI is one of those special indexes that make the entire cloud mining picture for you clearer and understandable. Before this tool became real, people used to calculate all those profits by themselves using such key points as a maintenance fee, pool cost, and various types of Rates:

  • Coin to USD
  • Conversion
  • Mining

But, fortunately, these days everything is simpler and easier for the investor. Due to great demand, the company came up with its HashFlare profit calculator. You just need to type in the info about your contract and get the result of your potential profit. Yes, that simple.

Using HashFlare Calculator Properly

The HashFlare calculator is a complicated tool, but you won’t notice that as it works very fast and provides you with the results immediately. All you need to do is to type in those four main parameters:

  • Your investment sum
  • Hashrate index
  • Your contract name
  • Time the contract is active

The number calculator will provide you with is the profit you are going to get.

Your general income consists of daily payouts you receive regularly. It depends on various obvious factors such as hashrate power and contract type. If you are working with such pools as SHA-256 and Scrypt, you need to note one important detail. It is about the fee that HashFlare charges you for maintenance of those two extremely complicated pools.

To get a real profit of these two contracts, you will have to deduct the fee sum from the number you received from the calculator.

How to Deal With HashFlare Maintenance Fee

Well, you have registered your private account and ready to proceed with the contract. You need to choose the pool and the paying method. After that HashFlare system will receive your money and launch the cloud mining process for you immediately. That’s it, you are earning money from this very moment and can expect the first payout after first 24 hours of mining.

You can control your income on your account’s dashboard through special balance panel. Other useful info will also be included there. All the analytics and rates are updating in real-time.

There is one thing you need to note if you are going to use SHA-256 and Scrypt. To mine your Bitcoins and Litecoins, you need to pay a special maintenance fee. HashFlare and other cloud mining services are charging such fees in regard to a great complexity of those two algorithms.

HashFlare has no hidden fees, and about this one, you will be informed properly for sure. Don’t worry. It is a normal thing, and the sum HashFlare is asking you to pay is absolutely tiny. It will cost you:

  • 005 USD if you are using Scrypt algorithm
  • 0035 USD if you are using SHA-256 algorithm

But remember, you still don’t have to deal with any mess like expensive computers and tons of noisy fans. This is all are properly set in HashFlare mining farm, and you don’t have a thing to worry about.

And, if you are using other three contracts offered by HashFlare DASH, Ethereum, and ZCash, you don’t need to think about any charges at all. These pools don’t require any additional payments.

And to close this topic one more note. To get the proper amount of Litecoins and Bitcoins potential profit you need to provide one more simple operation. After receiving the sum from a calculator, you need to deduct that maintenance fee from it. And then it will be the final profit sum for you.

Reinvestment by HashFlare

There is one more interesting option offered by HashFlare. You can reinvest your income or some extract of it for the new circle of mining. This is especially useful for those customers who used minimal entry price to start mining. You should reinvest your income to increase hashrate and get a better income. It would be like getting more power while the engine is already on the go or like pouring oil to the flame.

To learn more about this Reinvest feature and other interesting offers, you always can contact HashFlare team for details. You can make a phone call or use Skype.