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Is HashFlare Legit? Fair Review of the Popular Mining Service

If you are interested in a reliable cloudmining partner, HashFlare is the best choice you can get due to various reasons. First of all, this company is on the market since early 2015 and is one of the most successful ones in this whole Cryptocurrency industry. There are few main features which make this service a perfect choice for various types of customers. This review will tell you more about those features and procedures of interacting with the service.

Why HashFlare

HashFlare is a perfect choice for both experienced cloud mining services users and newcomers. Is HashFlare legit or scam? Well, this question has one clear answer which is positive for the service in general. It is totally legit as the number of customers which grows every day just speaks for itself.

So, why is it so popular? Well, there are some reasons why users, especially the beginning ones prefer to the others. Let’s see in details:

  • Speed – HashFlare does every single operation and transaction fast and properly. After your payment is received by the system, you start mining immediately.
  • User-friendly – the entire website usability is on the highest level. Besides that, it has a multilingual option with more than ten languages on board.
  • Withdrawals – it is very easy to withdraw your income with scheduled payments or single requests.
  • Fees – there are no hidden fees charged by HashFlare. Every payment and fee such as SHA256 and SCRYPT charge extra fee for maintenance, are well described to inform the customer about it.
  • Analytics – the info about your account and operations are available 24/7 from any part of the globe. Update of its status is going in real-time.

There are lots of different review articles online telling that this service is worthy of your trust. You can always count on instant income and support from its developers.

List of HashFlare Pools

HashFlare was launched by HashCoins team in early 2015. This cloud mining service went on a long journey to become one of the most popular and valuable companies on the market. The number of its pools was growing naturally, and today it counts five main pools a customer can work with. Using those HashFlare pools, one can create a perfect combination for a better result. Each algorithm miner pool offers a one-year contract. Here are they:

  1. EQUIHASH to mine ZCash
  2. X11 to mine Dash
  3. ETHASH to mine Ethereum
  4. Scrypt to mine Litecoins
  5. SHA-256 to mine Bitcoins

The price for those pools will also surprise you as HashFlare offers the lowest entry on the market these days. ZCash pool is the cheapest one and starts from$ 2.00, while Scrypt’s price is the highest and starts from $7.50.

Anyway, as you see HashFlare is totally into adding new customers to the game. With those prices, more people will risk trying cloud mining for the first time.

HashFlare Tutorial: Instructions

So, the service is great, and this HashFlare review is here to teach you how to use it properly. At the same time, the interface of the website is very simple, and you will easily guess what to do.

Account Registration

The website is the main field where all the actions will happen. Enter it and take a look around. You can see various helping sections with answers and other staff to make you more interested and informed about the Cryptocurrency mining process.

But first, before you start cloudmining, you need to create your own account to manage your pools and income. Don’t worry as this procedure will take you just a few minutes. Just find a registration button on the dashboard and fill in the registration form with your personal info. Don’t ignore any of its security questions and requirements.

Now when your account is ready, you can proceed with paying for your first hashrate.

Buy Hashrates

Nothing is possible without your hashrate purchase. As the data farm works to mine your coins, the more powerful hashrate you get, the better result you’ll receive. Choose the one you like the most and proceed with the payment method. There are different ways to complete your purchase available.

You can choose from six main paying methods. Webmoney and credit cards are two the most popular ones. Also, lots of users like to reinvest their coins. But note that reinvestment is available for Scrypt and SHA-256 mining algorithms only.

The mining process will start as soon as your payment is received by HashFlare system. Usually, it is happening immediately. Your first payout will be available after first 24 hours of mining.

Bottom Line

It is clear – HashFlare no scam. The army of satisfied clients speaks for itself. The speed and transparency of processes, the usability of the interface, the price, and lots of other points are crucial for modern Cryptocurrency investor. And HashFlare gives it all to them while following its goal to engage new people in the industry. If you want to know more about the service, just give them a call or say Hello via Skype.